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AGEA Masters
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AGEA Masters - Monthly Tournament

Title: Master of the Month

The traders shown in the list below are those who made the highest profits in pips during the current month. You can take part in this contest too by simply trading through the Streamster trading platform. A trader who makes the highest pips at the end of this month will be given the title of AGEA Master of the Month. Top three traders at the end of this month will be awarded prizes.

AGEA Masters of June 2018
Virtual Desks

RankTraderProfit (in pips)

AGEA Master of May 2018 ● twoblack87

NOTE: This list includes only traders who made profit in the relevant period on the trading desk types specified above and by trading through the Streamster trading platform. Other trading platforms may have similar tournaments organized separately.

Traders who won or currently lead ongoing tournaments will have their usernames distinctively marked and accompanied with their master or leader title while talking on the AGEA chat channels. If you have any inquiries regarding our trading contests, please click on the contact link below. We will be glad to help you take part in the AGEA Masters tournament.